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The broadband availability for Pitchcombe and Edge is rapidly improving.

  • Fastershire – Ultrafast fibre broadband to rural areas – delivered by Gigaclear
  • 4G/5G – Mobile phone technology
  • OpenReach – Fibre to the cabinet
  • Starlink – Elon Musk’s satellites

These development mean that high speed broadband will be available at reasonable prices.

At the moment competition is very strong in the area of 4G/5G. Prices have come down significantly and new antennae are going up all the time.

The local representative for Gigaclear is Martin Vile 07790 915959

Gigaclear website


There are now three options for telephone services:

  • BT – Landline
  • VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • Mobile – 4G/5G

For £12 you can transfer your landline number to VOIP

VOIP – provides a full-featured telephone service through the internet. You need an adapter connects your telephones to the modem.

If you have fibre or 4G/5G then you can get rid of your landline and switch the telephone service to VOIP. The savings from the line rental could be significant.


Download a Powerpoint presentation which explains the Broadband and Telephone options