Zoom Guide

Have you tried Zooming yet? 

Zoom is a computer facility that enables us to get together again.  It is different from the meeting in the usual way, but you won’t catch COVID-19 from it.

Zoom is safe. You are in control.

Just to slay some Zoom Myths you may have heard:

  • It is not social media
  • You do not have to put in credit card details to take part.
  • You do not have to put in any personal details other than your name (so we know who is joining the meeting).
  • You do not share your email address or telephone number with the other users. 
  • You will not get spam or scams through using Zoom.
  • You are not broadcasting to everyone on the internet.

In our Zoom events, the only people you will see are the people you would normally see at a village event.

If new programmes/apps make you fearful that you might do something wrong, don’t worry. You can’t break Zoom, or the Internet.

If it looks daunting, or you can’t get it to work – join the First Time Zoomers Club for help.

How to attend a village zoom event

You can participate in a zoom event using any of the following:


You do not need any special apps or software to take part. It will work in your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge). However, if you do download the app it will work better.

Browser Method

You will need an email ‘invitation’ with a Zoom link.

Click on the Zoom link on the email
This will open Zoom page in your browser. It will offer you the opportunity to download the app. You can do this or…

Click on ‘Join from your browser’ option
Follow the process.

If you see a message ‘Waiting for the host to start the meeting’, it means you might be a little early, or the host is running a bit late. Eventually you will be admitted to the meeting.

You can choose to ‘Test Computer Audio‘. Click the button and it will enable you to set your loudspeaker levels and test your microphone.

Using the Zoom App

Download the Zoom App (see below)

Simple Method:

Open your email with the invitation to the meeting
Click on the Zoom link – this should automatically open the Zoom App
Click on ‘Join with Computer Audio’.
You can also select ‘Test Computer Audio’ to check that you speakers and microphone are working.

Alternative method using the Zoom App:

Open the Zoom App
Select Join Meeting
Enter the Meeting ID and Passcode from the invitation email

You might find this Zoom video useful

Getting the Zoom App

There are two ways to get the App.

  1. If you have an invite to join a Zoom meeting
    Click on the Zoom meeting link, it will open the browser and a dialogue box giving you the option to download the app.
  2. Go direct to the Zoom webpage https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting

    On a PC or laptop you can download the Zoom Client for Meetings
    Scroll down for Apple and Android versions.